Dr. Suleman Aziz

Dr Aziz upon graduation from medical school completed 3 years residency training in Internal Medicine at University of Pittsburgh, PA in 2002. He had a fellowship in Critical Care Medicine at Chicago Medical School, IL. He is board certified from American Board of Internal Medicine. He is also a member of various other medical organizations. Dr Aziz is a part of our community and a member of Federal Way chamber of commerce. He has a lovely family of a wife and two boys. Dr Aziz has cared for hundreds of people supported by his passion about medicine to relieve people's pain and sufferings. He currently practices at Internal Medicine Associates; his offices use state of the art electronic medical record and electronic prescriptions.

Dr Aziz believes in individualized care for each of his patient, his practice is patient driven not corporate driven. He will spend as much time with his patients as he deem necessary to take care of his patients. He does not believe in 15 minutes time slots for each patient no matter how sick (patients) are. He is known to be very thorough in his examination, and will explain to his patients each and every bit of their complex medical problems. He will also communicate with other physicians for shared decision making, avoid unnecessary tests or procedures. He will also help you (to) find the right specialists in case you need one.

Dr Aziz also rounds at St Joseph Medical Center, Tacoma WA where he is involved in complex inpatient care of medically sick patients.

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